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virtual boom, 2022

Virtual fireworks made for my children. We can no longer afford to harm the environment by setting off firecrackers. It … Continue reading

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Swim! Don’t drown. 2019

Swim!Don’t drown. A little game made for the https://itch.io/jam/picoware Play it at https://pixelsix.itch.io/swimPlay the full game at: https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=34751


DUEL42, 2015

DUEL42 is about two men fighting a gentleman like duel on screen while the player’s hands engage in a wrestling … Continue reading


Tom Russoti @ Lab.D @ KHM

From 14th-15th of June, we invited Tom Russotti at Lab.D at the KHM, Academy of Media Arts. Tom Russotti is … Continue reading

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Point & Click Publication (german)

Just in time for the upcoming computer game conference NextLevel (20th – 21st of April, Cologne) we finished our small … Continue reading

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Eight+ & Ludic Sound Play @ Amaze Interact @ CTM.10

The two installations Eight+ & Ludic Sound Play will be shown at the Amaze Interact Festival at Club Transmediale 10 … Continue reading

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CollecTic, 2006

CollecTic is developed as a part of my graduation project for the Masters program Media Technology at Leiden University in … Continue reading

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