CollecTic and Thumbs Down @ Platine, Cologne


From 16th till 19th of August two of my games (CollecTic & Thumbs Down) will be presented at the PLATINE festival in Cologne.

PLATINE festival focuses on electronic media, covering the realm from art statements up to alternative gaming forms.

Developers and artists from all over Germany, as well as guests from France, use PLATINE as a daring and unique platform to present their ideas and visions to the public. PLATINE takes place in Cologne-Ehrenfeld, in traditional local pubs, theatrical workshops, and innovative office culture. PLATINE strives to be a source of inspiration – and invites you to excitement, discoveries, and interaction within an urban environment.

At the pub Zoo – Die Schänke (Venloer Strasse 434) you can play my games and dual in a thrilling game with the Painstation.

The Festival is organized by Lukas Höh / 37 Grad.

Thumbs Down

Thumbs Down
More about Thumbs Down soon…