Computerspielen. Perspectives of Play, 2013


On Friday, December 6th our exhibition Computerspielen. Perspectives of Play opens at Dortmunder U(U2_Kulturelle Bildung/Museum Ostwall). The exhibition presents artistic positions from the past decade that analyze computer games and the act of playing. It is organized for Next Level Conference 2013 and is open until January, 5th 2014.

Anna Anthropy, Sebastian Blank, Karen Eliot, Mary Flanagan, //////////fur////, Alexander Gurko, Guillermo Federico Heinze, JODI, Karin Lingnau, Feng Mengbo, Molleindustria, Marnix de Nijs, Paidia Institute, Eddo Stern, Olaf Val, Bill Viola, weAREmedienkuenstler

Concept: Jonas Hansen, Thomas Hawranke and Lasse Scherffig
Curating: Jonas Hansen und Thomas Hawranke