Cube challenge

This Weekend Sterling Roth [mexicoxican] started a challenge over at Blender Artists: what can you make with just 10 cuboid shapes?The rules are:

  • use only cuboid shapes, you can scale them to long sticks, or squash them to flat boards, just keep them rectangular(or square) .
  • use 10 or less cubes.
  • the ground plane is free
  • you can rotate them any way you’d like, but they cannot intersect each other.
  • default grey materials only.
  • keep the lighting generic, AO and soft lights are fine.

The challenge goes till next saturday (5/17), but it is not about winning something, it is more about exploring the creativity within this rigid rule set. The very limiting rules opening up lots of creativity. Creating a contribution, reminds me of creating Haikus, but here you have to count cubes instead of syllables.

Here are my results:

To see all contributions go to Blender Artists.