Dislocations12 @ San Sperate (Sardinia)

Laboratory on revealing, scanning, expanted audio-visible making of environments, objects and territories

conceived and curated by Paidia Institute, Cologne

November 4 – 11, 2012

hosted and produced by Noarte, San Sperate, Sardinia

As an association of artists researchers focussed on the intereactions between virtual and material spaces and the possibility of action and creativity “in between” of them, Paidia Institute proposes a new laboratory with a strong vocation for field work. The choosen core location is a community in Southern Sardinia with an established tradition on artists residency and artistic intervention: a perfect (both logistic and cultural) pre-condition in order to produce a laboratory to be extended over a larger territory: the territory –the objects of architecture, pieces of landscapes and spatial facts–has to be seen as the experimental laboratory.

The technical approach to the idea of spaces or layers of spatial reality to be found will offer two main approaches: the waves trasmission and the scanning. Participants will have the possibility to deal with radio-receiver, capacitive sensors, to invent enquiries and built instruments. The visits to specific sites will be correlated to some technical matter as well as to spatial ideas and objects characteristical of the region (the cave, the dune, the industrial ruin, the restricted areas..).

The research work will be staged in its being in-progress and finally presented to the public: the spaces of the local museo del crudo will be played both as workshop and showroom.

The workshop is going to be held by Susanna Schoenberg and Lasse Scherffig from Paidia Institute and developed in collaboration with Jonas Hansen as teacher at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. The production is executed by the staff of the association Noarte in San Sperate, which amongst others is going to provide accommodation and production facilities. The workshop collects participants from the art schools KHM, Academy of Media Arts Cologne, EESI Poitiers and Sint-Lucas Ghent.