DUEL42, 2015


DUEL42 is about two men fighting a gentleman like duel on screen while the player’s hands engage in a wrestling match to press the right keys.

The game is played on one keyboard. The two players have to move their avatars five steps away from each other, turn around, lower their arm and shoot by pressing randomly assigned keys. The quickest and most stubborn wins.

May honour be restored… or whatever!

Play it online | Download it on itch.io (Win, Mac, Linux)

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“Pistols At Dawn: Free Local Multiplayer Duelling In Duel42” – rock, paper, shotgun

“Ebenso kurzweilig wie amüsant und auch für sonst wenig spielaffine Leute geeignet!” – NextLevel

“Ein kleines Spiel mit großer Wirkung”Bild

 “Duel42 – Quick Overview – Tallica Shot through The Heart” – Tally And Tibbeh (youtube)