Game Studies 2.0

Julian Kucklich wrote a resume about the last five years of game studies (since the year 2000, when Arseth announced the ‘year one’ of game studies) and now Julian Kucklich announced Game Studies 2.0:

So what I have called Game Studies 2.0 is really a phase of transition between colonialist game studies and postcolonial game studies. The outside interest in our little corner of the world, both academic and non-, draws attention to just how comfortable this corner has become. However, complacency is hardly the appropriate attitude in the face of ongoing change all around us. We like to think that we have developed theories and models that allow us to speak with some authority about a topic that is dear to our hearts. We still like to play, after all, even if the games are getting more derivative and lacklustre year by year. This might easily turn out to be a fallacy. In a world where prominent theorists are becoming increasingly aware of gaming culture, playing games might just not be enough.This is the reason why I look hopefully toward signs of change such as the development of MMOG studies, steeped in jargon as it may be, spearheading a renewed interest in the diversity of gaming cultures…

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