Lanscape, 2009

Space-Time-Net-Scans: 1000 Pixel, 37 Seconds, 27.027 Hz, from Cologne to Vilnius and back.

In the project an image is composed with a slit scan technique (based on Golan Levis SlitScan Program, 2006) and the results of a scan for wireless network points in the area. The slit scanner uses only the center vertical line of a webcam and adds the line to the image from rigth to left. So that in 37 seconds an image is composed of the captured space/movement. Additionally the names of the wireless network points are added to the image.

The first images were done during the Migrating Art Academies road trip from Cologne (Germany) to Vilnius (Lithuania): go to google maps


scan_2009-8-15-9-26 scan_2009-8-15-15-15 scan_2009-8-16-13-43 scan_2009-8-16-16-45 scan_2009-8-20-9-45 scan_2009-8-20-9-59 scan_2009-8-20-16-34 scan_2009-8-20-16-37


4-13003 25-3535 26-3411 30-8922 35-24826 36-28185 44-47643 47-57930 56-24988 60-3689 79-86633 134-8307 138-10789 final9957 final25669 final213120



Migrating Art Academies
An Informal Catalogue of Slit-Scan Video Artworks and Research by Golan Levin