Machinima at GC 2007

In August I had been at the Games Convention Germany 2007 in Leipzig. It is one of the biggest consumer game fairs in Europe, so all known game companies are there and presenting there new titles.

Besides this commercial event, there is also a complete hall about Game Art and here was also a Machinima booth with machinima movies exhibited, workshops and talks. I was invited to give a talk about Games and Art. If you are interested what my talk was about, have a look at my powerpoint presentation.

Beside my presentation there where a couple of very interesting talks by

The great machinima event was organized by Karin When (University Leipzig), Ingo Linde and Dirk Förster
The Machinima Talks:

Busking 386DX (1998), Alexei Shulgin

Gamblers (2004), Hennig & Greif

GC 2007:

The german army (Bundeswehr) where also represented at the game fair for recruiting and they almost got me… 😛

A very wired and awkward mixing of game world and reality. It reminds me of the game Americans Army…