Machinima workshop No2

The second Machinima workshop was successfully held at the Mediamatic institute between 26th – 29th of October. Again the workshop was held by Friedrich Kirschner (Germany | machinima maker, editor Machinimag), DaniĆ«l van Gils (NL – interaction designer, machinima teacher), me and of course Mediamatic.

During the workshop Friedrich presented the tool moviesandbox, he is currently working on. We have already had the chance to experiment and make films with it. Moviesandbox is a free graphical movie scripting environment for the game Unreal Tournament 2004. You can simply script your own character animations, place cameras in a scene and lots more…

Daniel also presented a new tool, his MIDI-driven machinima tool. He scripted a plugin for the Doom3 engine in order to connect midi signals to trigger events in the game engine to create great live performances.

On Friday the workshop finished with a machinima evening at the PICNIC Cross Media event. Paul Marino, founder of The Academy of Machinima Arts and Science, presented recent Machinima clips and introduces Machinima culture, Daniel demonstrated his new midi-machinima tool in a short VJ performance and in the end they launched the Kick-off of the Machinima competition. The competition was to create a machinima film in less than 7 days, that should be somehow related to a news event from the last month. The competition is organized by Holland Animation Film Festival, Mediamatic and Virma.

More about the competition and the finalist, that will be shown at the Holland Animation Film Festival can be found here:

I also made a short machinima film:

BAGHDAD, Oct. 2, 2006