Machinima workshop

From 14-17 march ’06 was the Machinima workshop at Mediamatic. Together with Mark Meadows (US | artist, 3D animator, game developer), Friedrich Kirschner (Germany | machinimamaker, editor Machinimag), DaniĆ«l van Gils (NL – interaction designer, machinima educator) and of course Mediamatic we provided the workshop. The main tools we used for the workshop were Machinimation 1 & 2 and Sims2, but also any other game was possible to use.

What I really like about machinimas (making films in games) is, that it is a development out of the fan culture, where gamers stopped playing a game and started creating their own content. The shift from consuming to creating makes it interesting. To get an idea of machinimas have a look at films at the official machinima site, check out the online readers or have a look at wikipedia.

The next machinima workshop at Mediamatic will be from 26 to 29 September 2006.

here are some more handy links (thanks to Friedrich):

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to unzip the movie files you can use this tool: UltimateZip

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