Manifesto Games

There is hope for young independent game developers:

There has been alot of complaining – some constructive, some not – about the relative plight of Independent Gaming in the face of towering production budgets, IP gorging producers and guarded distribution monopolies.

One of the most active voices, Greg Costikyan, has actually done something about it, along with other industry activists behind the Scratchware Manifesto. It’s called Manifesto Games, an alternative distribution and publishing context for developers with small teams and budgets, and especially those teams with the kinds of risky game designs (read ‘innovation’) the videogame industry believes it can’t (ironically) afford to make.

Developers interested in their terms should go here. Frankly it doesn’t get much better than this.. 60% of revenue is returned to you and you retain all IP for your work.

via: selectparks