Migrating Art Academies: Sequence

04 – 07 September 2009, Migrating Art Academies at Ars Electronica, Linz.


Sequence, the third episode of the two-year pan-European project Migrating Art Academies,  begins at the end of August 2009. Students from art academies in three countries, Germany, France, and Lithuania, will continue a process of nomadic living and creating “on the road.” This time they will migrate to Linz, Austria, the home of Ars Electronica, one of the premiere global festivals for contemporary media art and science.

The Media-RVs used in the project will be parked near the Ars Electronica Center and will be open to the public during the festival. During a series of evening programs, initiated and produced by staff members from Academy of Media Arts
in Cologne, students from the three art universities will introduce their current projects, present interactive installations and workshops and perform timebased works. The audience is warmly welcomed to participate in all the events.


# 18:00
Fr 4.9.2009 Nicolas Rivet: One thousand Leaves
Sa 5.9.2009 Lasse Scherffig: GPS and Satellite Watching
So 6.9.2009 Jonas Hansen: Lanscape
Mo 7.9.2009 Martin Rumori: Binaural Soundscape Browsing

# 18:45, daily
Open Lab with students’ presentations, performances, happenings, workshop gatherings etc.

Participating Students

Marine Antony, Raphael Dupont, Fabien Zocco, Olivier Gain, Karine Guiho
Ieva Bernotaitė, Dainius Meškauskas, Monika Lipšic, Jokūbas Čižikas, Domas Rūkas
Ji Hyun Park, Gabriel Vanegas, Auriel Reich, Daniele Spiga, Manuela Serra





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