MyBot 2.1 :: work in progress

MyBot 2.1 is project I am currently working on. The basic idea is to have a robotic hand, that will play Second Life and creates an automated virtual and physical performance. The piece will be part of a bigger installation Warum 2.0 by CARGO. It will be exhibit in Februari 08 in Belgium (more info later on).

For the Robotic hand I used an existing toy (The Pianist) and put my own servos in. the Servos will be controlled by an Arduino board or the Parallax USB Controller. The Parallax Controller is very easy to use, programming simple routines over time for the servos is quiet easy. But using sensors to influence the routines, is not possible. In order to also use a PIR sensor to sense movement, I will probably go for the Arduino board.

Here is my first result with the robotic hand:

Virtual performance will take place in SL: