MyBot at ARTEFACT, Belgium

Kinetic Life / MyBot will be exhibit at

ARTEFACT festival 2008
–> 12 – 17 February 2008
–> STUK kunstencentrum Leuven, Belgium

The installation will be part of Warom2.0 from Stefaan Decostere (CARGO) at the ARTEFACT festival in Belgium.

In my installation, a robotic hand plays the computer game Second Life. By pressing keys of a computer keyboard, the hand moves a virtual Avatar on the screen. The movement of the hand’s fingers is an automated ongoing routine. The routine will be interrupted, when a person stands close to the hand. But after a short while the hand, and with it the virtual avatar, will go back to their monotonous routine. The installation can be seen as a physical and virtual kinetic performance. In Second Life the avatar walks through a collage of photographs and interview fragments by Daniel Demoustier about war victims.

visit the CARGO Media Space in Second Life (SLurl)
from 12 – 17 th February my avatar will be perform life in SL