Wanderer featured in Neural #30


In the Neural #30 the game Wanderer is featured by Julian Oliver in his article Be My Controller: Opening up the Urban, Button by Button.:


“Wanderer (Jonas Hielscher and Jiri Heitlager 2005) explores strictly automated instruction, a machine’s authority over the movement of an otherwise ‘free’ subject, as a platform for a kind of auto-dérive. (…) The real game of Wanderer is between the player and themselves, their ability to wholly and effectively commit their bodily movement, their freedom of action, to the instructions of a machine. (…) As such by playing with control in urban environments, with authority over ourselves, we’re given a valuable opportunity to learn more about how and why we allow cities and societies to steer our desires, actions and movements within them.”


Furthermore the issue is packed with lots of interesting articles about new media art .Ludic Society/Margarete Jahrmann interview .Homo Ludens Ludens exhibition report .Play Cultures, the world of digital games in contemporary art and culture report .Be My Controller, opening the urban, button by button .news: Emotoscope, Modi 2.0, Rom Check Fail, Amalgus Cycle