Physical Computing Workshop

In the week from 29 January till 3 February I gave a ‘Physical Computing’ workshop at the Utrecht School of the Art. Together with Joris Wijdom, Marcel Dolman and assisted by Tim van Elferen we provided the workshop for the second year of the ‘Design for virtual Theater’ class.

In the workshop we focused on creating creative IN and OUTPUTS with the computer using Max/MSP, the Arduino board and electronics.

The workshop task was, to create an interesting chain response between the group computers, without connecting them with a network cable. Every group had to create at least one input and output plus an interesting processing of it, so that in the end a chain response between all computers could be made.

The project idea was inspired by ‘Lauf der Dinge’ by Peter Fischli and David Weiss (CH 1987, YouTube: The Way Things) and and the work of Rube Goldberg (1883 – 1970,

To see the workshop results have the workshop wiki.