qbic, 2003

qbic_high-res_scr_01 qbic_high-res_scr_03 qbic_high-res_scr_06 qbic_high-res_scr_02

qbic is an abstract computer game, an interactive environment, where the user is challenged to build audio visual sculptures. He is encouraged to express himself and to develop a sensitivity in the use of colors, forms and sounds. In qbic the user can build audiovisual sculptures, which are determined by different parameters:

First the user chooses a basic form (pyramid, sphere or cube) with a color. He can define this color with three RGB sliders. Depending on the chosen form and color a specific sound fragment is linked to that object. He can place that object in the 3D environment. The position in the space defines the moment when the object is activated and plays its sound. The shape of the object can be deformed, by which the pitch of the sound
fragment changes. Through these different parameters, there are infinitive possibilities to create own compositions. The created composition can be saved and presented to other users.

Jonas Hansen concept, 3D design, programming
Nora Hansen music



qbic 2.03 (zip, 1.4mb)