Reaction Machine @ Van Gogh Museum


On February 26th the Reaction Machine is presented at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam as part of the friday night program:

The Reaction Machine

From 18.30
This interactive installation plays with the tension between two people. Old and new technologies are combined in this machine, that splices recordings by the previous user with those of the next. It’s the user’s response that determines how the work of art is created.

Discussion with the creators of the The Reaction Machine

Starts 20.30
Moderator Sophie Derkzen interviews Klaas Jan Mollema and Jonas Hansen about their intentions and the outcome of this art work.

Introductory tour

At 19.30

DJ x-0-x

From 18.30
With his extensive experience as club DJ, radio maker, musician and performer, x-0-x (Arjan van Sorge) knows how to create the perfect atmosphere. Instant soundtracks for special moments.

More info at Van Gogh Museum Site