Sardegna. Dislocations 2012


The content of the publication is the result of a week long workshop in Southern Sardinia held by Susanna Schoenberg, Lasse Scherffig and me with participants from Academy of Media Arts Cologne, EESI Poitiers and Sint-Lucas Ghent.

The focus of the artistic workshop/laboratory was on waves trasmission and scanning as an approach to develop ideas of spaces or layers of spatial reality. Participants had the possibility to work with radio- receiver, capacitive sensors and 3d scan technology to invent enquiries and built instruments.

Co-Editor with Lasse Scherffig and Susanna Schoenberg

Published by Noarte Paese Museo, Sardinien May 201 3, ISBN 978-88-90879-20-3

Dislocation12_2 Dislocation12_3 Dislocation12_5