Talk: Games for Future @SpielKlima-Konferenz 2022 ENERGIETAGE Berlin

As part of the #SpielKlima conference from 3 to 6 May 2022, I gave a talk about Potentials, Opportunities and Risks of Digital Games in the Climate Discourse – “Games for Future”, showing projects we do at Multimedia|VR-Design at BURG.

I ended the presentation with the statement that:

Games can …
● create awareness
● create empathy
● change behaviour (nudging)
… and much more!

Players should …
● look at their own footprint (energy consumption and use of resources)
● question their own gaming behavior and interests.

The game industry and game developers should
● question and change their own footprint in production and supply
● promote energy-efficient games and systems (eco-modes as default).
● actively support older hardware for longer (repair-ability, open it for indies/home brew)

“No matter what game we create, no matter how well we are able to play it, it is our game, and we can change it when we need to.”

Bernard DeKoven, The Well-Played Game

Watch the talk online (german only) at: