Thumbs Down, 2010

Thumbs Down is the modern way of Pfahlsitzen (pole-sitting). Similar to pole-sitting, the player has to perform a specific action over a longer time. Thumbs Down is played on an android smart phone. The objective of the game is to hold down your thumb on the touch screen of the phone as long as possible. Instead of skilled actions, the abandonment of any activities brings you closer to the win. The player has to ignore calls and neglect other functions of his phone. The result will be added to a global high score in order to determine the best slacker world wide. The negative gesture of the “thumb down” is a symbol as well as the only play activity of the game.


img1039 img1042 P1040906 P1040921


First time presented in July 2010.

02:00:12.6 Alex
00:45:12.2 Jakob H
00:21:16.6 spectaculaire
00:21:10.1 Jeremias H
00:17:13.3 Doc D
00:16:46.0 cbst
00:15:19.8 Born
00:12:30.1 Phillip M
00:11:11.1 Jonas H
00:10:46.0 Storno