Warum 2.0 :: MyBot, 2008

WARUM2.0 is a public experiment where the visitors can explore documentary images and media shaped by YouTube, Second Life and surveillance cameras. Passively watching is no longer sufficient – instead we need to select, evaluate and choose. The installation features unique videos from Darfur, Afghanistan, Haiti, Gaza, Iraq and Kosovo by acclaimed cameraman Daniel Demoustier, as well as interviews with cultural theorist Paul Virilio. The installation can be seen as an ongoing investigation of media and the influence of mediated images that more and more determine our relation with the world around us.

Warum 2.0 is a production by CARGO and Stefaan Decostere, with Christian Decker, Edwin Uytenbroek, Jonas Hansen, Chris Devriese, Johan Blaeke, and with students architecture TU Delft/Media Studies.

MyBot in the Warum2.0 space

MyBot is a robotic hand, that plays the computer game Second Life. By pressing keys of a computer keyboard, the hand moves a virtual Avatar on the screen.

The Avatar performance can also be visited in Second Life: CARGO Media Space in Second Life (SLurl)

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Jonas Hansen concept, design and developing


  • February 2008, Digitainment – ARTEFACT festival 2008, Leuven, Belgium
  • Januari 2009, Digitainment – International Film Festival Rotterdam, V2 Institute, Rotterdam, The Netherlands